Gregory of Nazianzus

Gregory of Nazianzus
(c. 330–89)
   Bishop, Theologian and Saint.
   Gregory was the son of Gregory, Bishop of Nazianzus in Cappadocia. He was educated at Caesarea, where he became a life-long friend of St basil, and at the University of Athens. He was ordained priest in 362 and became Bishop of Sasima in 372. After the death of his father in 374, he retired to Seleucia. However, he was summoned to Constantinople to defend the Church against the teachings of arius. He was a remarkable preacher and his five theological addresses against the Arians are masterpieces of theological reasoning. He attended the Council of Constantinople in 381, during the course of which he was consecrated Bishop of the city. Gregory is remembered as a successful and eloquent upholder of orthodoxy. Among his writings were the Philocalia (a selection of the works of origen), many letters and several treatises against the heresy of Apollinarius.
   R. Radford Ruether, Gregory of Nazianzus: Rhetor and Philosopher (1969).

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